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Sabun Susu Beras Thailand 

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K Brothers Rice Milk Soap  ( Sabun Susu Beras Thailand ) :

 Rice Milk Soap is the best for cleaning and reducing acne on the face, it is better to bright white. With protein extracts of rice milk and Vitamin E help to reduce facial white spots eliminates pimple clear blister. Pimples on the face gently without irritating the skin. Shell surface and help shed your skin naturally white skin.


Rice milk made from rice (rice milk. The grains of rice is rice milk. Periodically with milk and ascorbic highest.Within 3 months), with minerals and vitamins that are useful both for the body and the skin patch and extract the seed coat and germ.With a special process.Rich in minerals. Unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, especially vitamin E naturally present in high quantities in the form of a protocol (Tocopherol&Tocotrienol) compound Gamma Oryzanol Rice Quebec. (Gamma-Orzyzanol) and chemical ceramic bromide (Ceramide) of human skin, which valuable substances that help protect the skin. Of the destruction of UVA and UVB rays, which cause skin cancer, freckles. It also helps prevent And relieve the burning sensation of the skin due to sun exposure. Skin retain moisture and keep skin dry and wrinkled.

Skin benefits of rice milk ( susu beras ) :

     - Add a touch of minerals.

     - Glucose for energy.

     - Vitamin E helps slow aging skin.

     - Control of body protein.

     - Sync to prevent allergies. It reduces prevent acne.

     - New drug substance Anthony websites, which is an antioxidant.

Original K Brothers products from Thailand

We are an agent for original K Brothers products from Thailand. We exported the K Brothers products to worldwide such as United State, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Arab Emirates, Kuwait Saudi Arabia. We have obtained FDA from Ministry of Public Health, Halal Certificate from the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand. We provide you with various K Brothers products such as K Brothers Rice Milk Soap, K Brothers Rice Milk 3 in 1 Soap, K Brothers Gaba Rice Milk Soap, K Brother Rice Milk Honey Soap, K Brothers Carrot Soap, K Brothers Coffee Soap, K Brothers Pomegranate Soap, K Brother Goat Milk Soap, K Brothers Sheep Soap, K Brothers Radish Soap, K Brothers Rice Milk Collagen Soap.

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